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How to build fit body at home without gym membership

Guide on how to build fit body at home without an expensive gym membership. An easy workout plan. Build Fit Body
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Best guide on internet on how to build fit body at home without an expensive gym membership. Get in shape without leaving your home. We know about today's world,  people had no time to go everywhere to facilitate. People even don't have time to take care of them. But don't worry we are going to tell you the secret on how to build fit body at home without equipment without any such fancy equipment or any expensive gym membership. Yes you can get serious muscle mass with gym equipment but you can tone your muscles safely at home.
How to build fit body at home without an expensive gym membership

The 5 Elements On How To Build Fit Body At Home 

The 5 element to build fit body at home are as below.
  • Warm Up 
  • Aerobic Exercise 
  • Strength building exercise 
  • Flexibility moves
  • Cooldown
The first one is warming up the body. For warming up you can walk, jog, run, brisk walk or jump rope. Its easy task to warm up. 
Then comes second element that is aerobic exercise. For it you just need to increase the warm up intensity.  You can use treadmills, stationary bikes or go outside for a 20 min jog. We just need to increase the heart rate. 
For resistance portion we can do some exercise like push up, crunches, squats, push up, pull us etc. 
Then comes flexibility. To increase flexibility you can do some yoga moves or stretching. Then do not forget to cool down your body. 

If you are out of time or don't have enough time, you can increase the intensity of workout. Instead of walking you can jog and instead of jogging you can run. 
You can also do compound exercises which target large muscle groups rather than a single one.
We are going to share some exercise list also that you can easily do at home without an equipment. 
How to build fit body at home without an expensive gym membership

Bodyweight Exercises To Build Fit Body At Home

Working on Your upper body and core

  1. Push up :- Push up is one of basic bodyweight exercise it is easy to do. The important thing is that to do it in correct form to get most of it. Your spine should be straight in lie with your bottom. You can use different variations of it like decline push up, incline push up.
  2. Handstand :- handstand is a very good exercise to target shoulder at home. I had posted Best handstand workout you can do at home. 
  3. Dips:- you don't need to use a DIP machine or wait but instead we are going to use our body weight. For doing good dips you will need a stable bench of roughly 1-2 mtr high. Place you hands behind on the bench so that your butt is in air  and your knees nent 90 degree. Push back up. Do 30 reps.
  4. Planks:- These are the great exercise to workout on your core. You has to start in push up position but relax on your forearms. Tightens up your butt and your spine should be straight. Hold it for at least 30 sec. You can also use its various variations to get most of it.
  5. Crunches :- They are one of the best bodyweight Exercises To target your six pack abs. For doing it lay back on your back and you knee bend. Supporting your neck with your hands. Raise your body up and down slowly. 

Working on lower body 

  1. Jumping jacks: Jump high and separate your feets and hands up and then came back to normal postion. 
  2. Lunges: Lunges are the great way to build awesome butt hamstring etc. To do one place your foot 3 feet away  in front of you. Your knees should bend 90 degree. 
  3. High knees
  4. Burpees:- Do a jumping jack and then a push up. Repeat it. 
  5. Lateral Jumps
  6. Wall sits: With your back one the wall make position like a chair with your knees 90 bend.
  7. Squats 
  8. Donkey Kick
  9. Glute Bridges

Tips for home exercises

If you are beginner try to do cardiovascular for around 30 mins. 3 times a week. And 20 -30 min of strength workout. Don't forget to cover all muscle groups. Do at least 20-30 rep of each exercise. Try to do all exercise in correct form. Try to be motivated and away from distraction. Make a plan to eat a healthy diet. Figure out best time for the exercise according to your routine. Gear up and set goals. Challenge yourself and find out that whats your limit. Get a fit plan.
I had already share above body building exercise at home without equipment.
So, we hope you now know that how to build fit body at home without an expensive gym membership. 

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