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Harish Danu Advance Calisthenics Core Workout Plan

This is the plan made by young youtuber Harish Danu for building strong core just by Calisthenics.
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Harish Danu Calisthenics Core Workout 

Harish Danu is a young youtuber from Uttrakhand. He has created a YouTube channel for spreading Calisthenics in India. He has a awesome dynamic and static skill. He used to upload videos on Calisthenics skills, how to tutorial and on workout plan. In today's post We buildfitbody is sharing his Advanced Calisthenics Core Workout Plan.
Harish Danu Calisthenics Core Workout Plan

Calisthenics Exercises List For Core Workout 

In this list we has to do exercises in one by one fashion. It is not a collection of sets of exercises but it is a repeatedly list of exercise. This workout plan is created in such a way that you can hit all major core muscles like upperabs, obliques, etc .

Harish Danu Calisthenics Core Workout Plan
Harish Danu Calisthenics Core Workout Plan for advance

1. Scissors on the ground : 20 rep
2. Abs planche : 30 sec hold
3. Mountain climber : 20 rep
4. Abs planche : 30 sec
5. Leg raises on the ground : 20 rep
6. Abs Planche : 20 sec
7. Scissors on the ground : 20 rep
8. Abs planche : 20 sec
9. Russian Twist : 20 rep
10. Abs planche : 20 sec
11. Mountain climber : 20 rep
12. Abs planche : 20 sec

This workout plan will surely hit your core major muscle. It will help you in getting in good shape and building a perfect abs just by Calisthenics. This workout can be done anywhere without any use of equipment. 
So this is all about Harish Danu Calisthenics plan for building strong core. For any problem see his youtube video.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such beautiful information with us. I hope you will share some more information about calisthenics core plan. Please keep sharing.
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