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Best Calisthenics Handstand Workout At Home for Beginners

Here we have the best calisthenics Handstand Workout which you can do anytime anywhere. Step by step guide to learn handstand. The Plan for learning handstand.
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The handstand is the the best proof of real body's strength and power. It requires body handsome amount of coordination and body movement. So, from todays article i have a calisthenics handstand workout plan for learning handstand at home. You don't need to have any equipment. You just need your body weight and a wall . The biggest secret for balancing in hand is you need to practice it daily.
Best Calisthenics Handstand Workout

Best Calisthenics Handstand Workout Tips

1. You need a wall stand across the wall. The first step is kicking up. At first you will practice handstand with the wall so then you will know that how it feel to be upside down and requires how much strength. For kicking up start in running postion. You need to place your hands 20 cm away from the wall and you need to swing your legs upside. And then if one legs gets the wall then plane another leg with it. Then stretch your body tightly and try to be straight as you can. 

2. Press release and repeat. While you were standing upside down your hands were your feet. That is you has to control by your fingers to avoid falling forward and palm from getting down backwards. Repeat it backwards and forwards again and again to balance.

3. Now you has to learn how to fall. You need to get out from the fear of falling. The best way to fall is bending your knees towards body and land safely.

4. Practice again again and again to gain necessary strength for your shoulders and core to to proper handstand.

You should definitely add handstand routine.

Calisthenics Handstand Workout 

Here we had created best plan for Handstand Workout which you can add along with your normal routine. I recommend you to follow this Handstand Workout 4 times a week. We will start from the frog position which will increase our shoulders strength along with assisted handstand pushup, hindu push up and pike and decline push up which will add crazy amount of strength in your shoulders.


1. Frog: 4×30sec
2. Hindu Push up : 4×6rep
3. Assisted handstand pushup : 4×3rep
4. Pike Push up: 4×10rep
5. Decline push up : 4×12 rep

Calisthenics Handstand Workout Routine

Muscle Groups Targeted 

Calisthenics Handstand Workout target these muscle groups

These plan is created in such a way that it will target your shoulders and triceps part.

Handstand Workout will gain strength not muscle mass

Yes, You will gain crazy strength. This is not good for gaining muscle mass but learning handstand will unlock door to many tricks. For gaining muscle mass you need to increase the exercise repetition like increase in rep of assisted handstand pushup. So, this is all about the best calisthenics workout for handstand.
ding muscles, training program, etc feel free to comment here. I will later upload full body workout, upper body strength training, and many more.

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