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Bench Dips : Calisthenics exercise for Chest and Triceps

Bench dips is the best exersice for begineer to target chest and triceps
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Bench Dips : Calisthenics Exercise for Chest And Triceps

Build Fit body

Bench Dips are the best Calisthenics exercise for building chest and triceps muscles. It is for the intermediate people to build awesome and target chest and triceps. For doing bench dips find a bench with a height between your knees and hip, place yourself backward to it with your hands on the edge of the bench and do dips, until your arms reach or surpass 90°. It is really easy exercise to ready for parallel dips. Try not to shrink your shoulder or swing. It is one of the best exercise in calisthenics street workout.

Muscle Groups: Dips

Dips target these muscle group

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